Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topographic classification codes

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feature code descriptive type feature type descriptive term
10021 Building Area None
10017 Building Line None
10018 Building Line Division
10019 Building Line Outline
10022 Building Point None
10016 Building Symbol None
10020 Building Text None
10025 Buildings Or Structure Area None
10023 Buildings Or Structure Line None
10024 Buildings Or Structure Point None
10027 Buildings Or Structure Symbol None
10026 Buildings Or Structure Text None
10026 Buildings Or Structure Text Compound
10031 Built Environment Area None
10032 Built Environment Line None
10029 Built Environment Point None
10030 Built Environment Symbol None
10034 Built Environment Text None
10033 Built Environment Text Compound
10044 General Feature Area None
10046 General Feature Line None
10041 General Feature Line Tunnel Edge
10048 General Feature Point Positioned Nonconiferous Tree
10045 General Feature Point None
10051 General Feature Point Positioned Boulder
10050 General Feature Point Positioned Coniferous Tree
10042 General Feature Symbol None
10043 General Feature Text None
10054 General Surface Area Step
10056 General Surface Area None
10052 General Surface Area Multi Surface
10052 General Surface Line None
10058 General Surface Line Step
10057 General Surface Point None
10055 General Surface Symbol None
10059 General Surface Text None
10062 Glasshouse Area None
10064 Glasshouse Line None
10063 Glasshouse Point None
10061 Glasshouse Symbol None
10060 Glasshouse Text None
10065 Height Control Area None
10071 Height Control Line None
10068 Height Control Point None
10067 Height Control Point Bench Mark
10066 Height Control Symbol Bench Mark
10070 Height Control Symbol None
10069 Height Control Text None
10076 Historic Interest Area None
10075 Historic Interest Line None
10080 Historic Interest Point None
10072 Historic Interest Point Site Of Heritage
10073 Historic Interest Symbol None
10077 Historic Interest Text Compound
10074 Historic Interest Text None
10089 Inland Water Area None
10087 Inland Water Line None
10083 Inland Water Line Tunnel Edge
10092 Inland Water Line Culvert
10088 Inland Water Point None
10085 Inland Water Point Culvert
10091 Inland Water Symbol Culvert
10084 Inland Water Symbol None
10082 Inland Water Symbol Direction Of Flow
10086 Inland Water Text Compound
10090 Inland Water Text None
10099 Landform Area Cliff
10096 Landform Area Slope
10093 Landform Area None
10097 Landform Line Bottom Of Slope
10101 Landform Line Ridge Or Rock Line
10095 Landform Line None
10103 Landform Line Bottom Of Cliff
10104 Landform Line Top Of Cliff
10098 Landform Line Top Of Slope
10100 Landform Point Disused Feature
10094 Landform Point None
10106 Landform Symbol None
10105 Landform Text Compound
10102 Landform Text None
10111 Natural Environment Area None
10110 Natural Environment Line None
10109 Natural Environment Point None
10108 Natural Environment Symbol None
10107 Natural Environment Text None
10116 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Area None
10115 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Line None
10114 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Line Inferred Property Closing Link
10113 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Line Polygon Closing Link
10118 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Point None
10117 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Symbol None
10112 Network Or Polygon Closing Geometry Text None
10123 Path Area None
10119 Path Area Step
10125 Path Area Tunnel Edge
10124 Path Line None
10120 Path Point None
10121 Path Symbol None
10122 Path Text None
10126 Political Or Administrative Area None
10131 Political Or Administrative Line District
10137 Political Or Administrative Line None
10127 Political Or Administrative Line County
10128 Political Or Administrative Line Electoral
10136 Political Or Administrative Line Parish
10135 Political Or Administrative Line Parliamentary
10129 Political Or Administrative Point Boundary Post Or Stone
10132 Political Or Administrative Point None
10134 Political Or Administrative Symbol None
10130 Political Or Administrative Symbol Boundary Half Mereing
10133 Political Or Administrative Text None
10167 Rail Area None
10163 Rail Line Standard Gauge Track
10162 Rail Line Standard Gauge
10157 Rail Line Tunnel Edge
10155 Rail Line None
10160 Rail Line Buffer
10164 Rail Line Narrow Gauge
10158 Rail Point Structure
10159 Rail Point None
10161 Rail Symbol None
10165 Rail Symbol Switch
10156 Rail Text Compound
10166 Rail Text None
10172 Road Or Track Area None
10173 Road Or Track Line Tunnel Edge
10175 Road Or Track Line None
10168 Road Or Track Line Public
10176 Road Or Track Point None
10177 Road Or Track Symbol Road Related Flow
10170 Road Or Track Symbol None
10169 Road Or Track Text Road Name Or Classification
10171 Road Or Track Text None
10183 Roadside Area None
10180 Roadside Line None
10179 Roadside Point Structure
10182 Roadside Point None
10181 Roadside Symbol None
10178 Roadside Text None
10193 Structure Area Pylon
10185 Structure Area None
10187 Structure Area Upper Level Of Communication
10190 Structure Area Archway
10189 Structure Line Pylon
10195 Structure Line None
10188 Structure Line Network Closing Link
10186 Structure Point None
10192 Structure Point None
10191 Structure Point Structure
10194 Structure Symbol None
10184 Structure Text None
10199 Terrain and Height Area None
10201 Terrain and Height Line None
10200 Terrain and Height Point None
10202 Terrain and Height Point Air Height
10197 Terrain and Height Point Spot Height
10196 Terrain and Height Symbol None
10198 Terrain and Height Text None
10203 Tidal Water Area Foreshore
10210 Tidal Water Area None
10208 Tidal Water Line None
10212 Tidal Water Line Mean Low Water (springs)
10211 Tidal Water Line Mean High Water (springs)
10209 Tidal Water Point None
10206 Tidal Water Symbol None
10207 Tidal Water Text Compound
10204 Tidal Water Text None
10205 Tidal Water Text Foreshore
10217 Unclassified Area None
10216 Unclassified Line None
10215 Unclassified Point None
10214 Unclassified Symbol None
10213 Unclassified Text None