National Infrastructure Systems Model

NISMOD is the first national scale system-of-systems infrastructure modelling platform. This consists of a suite of tools and an underlying database which supports the analysis undertaken through the developed tools. The analysis results and the underlying tools and data can be explored here, with these being updated as research continues.


MISTRAL is the second phase of national infrastructure research being undertaking by the ITRC (Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium), following the successful complettion of the original project. MISTRAL will extend the previous research done by ITRC by considering national infrastructure across a range of new scales: downscaling from national networks to household and business level, upscaling from a national perspective to consider global interconnections and across scale to other national settings.

The research will address the major challenges faced by national critical infrastructure networks and systems through a systems-of-systems approach where interdependencies between infrastructure networks are considered giving a systems perspective. The development of future infrastructure networks will be considered along with the robustness and the resilience of the networks, and systems, to perturbations.

The research is undertaken by the ITRC consortium, consisting of seven universities, with funding from EPSRC as well as funds and resources from many industry partners.